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I’m Back!

Sorry for the month-long break from posting. I have been so busy that I completely forgot about the fact that I have a blog! Last month was such a whirlwind. April started with my first professional indoor photo shoot. I shot over 75 artists for D’Addario in one day! It was insane. I had no idea how many people I was going to be shooting until the day before. People really misuse the word “few.” By the end of the day I was exhausted and really wishing I had an assistant. The good news is I have some great shots to add to my portfolio and a reputable company to put on my list of clients. I am so thankful that people have been so willing to give me chances despite my lack of experience. Here are some outtakes of the more notable artists I shot.

Web Wilder

Buddy Miller


Ronnie McCoury

The photos should be up on the D’Addario website soon and some may be seen in their upcoming ads.

I Want

These Opening Ceremony Leopard Laced Bootie would go with EVERYTHING.


It has been so cold lately that I have to force myself to go out at least a few nights a week. This weather makes choosing cozy nights at home watching movies SO easy no matter what else is going on. Spring cannot come quick enough but in the mean time Netflix is a good distraction from the winter blues. I love movies and can watch a good one two or three times before I return it. These are my most recent new favorites and old standbys.

What She Said

Snow Days

Class of ’74

Found signed Senior Portraits that belonged to someone named Carol.